Impatience: Chocolate, Skittles, Steak, and More

SteakDo you chew your chocolate or Skittles? Did you used to let it melt in your mouth? Well… I used to let chocolate and Skittles melt instead of chewing and devouring those tasty treats. I have noticed that I have been chewing and swallowing them at a quick pace. And it’s the same with a good piece of steak; I would eat it so quickly and then crave for another steak a week later. I am not as patient as before. By being patient and letting the treats melt or chewing the steak slowly, it allows you to savour the food. Try to remember the flavour, remember the texture, remember how good the food is, and be patient. It takes some self-control and practice, but eating slowly is rewarding because it gives your body time to digest, lets you relax, and leaves you satisfied.

If you check out the lifestyle in France, you will notice that they eat slowly and take the time to chat over the dinner table. They also eat smaller portions. Here are the things to keep in mind:

  1. Eat slowly
  2. Eat smaller portions
  3. Don’t eat fast food (High in fat content and fast eating)

Follow those simple rules and you’ll be enjoying your food more and possibly even getting slimmer.

Photo: hairpeegurl

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