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Enrich MasterCardIn the mail, I received the Citi Enrich MasterCard today. I have been waiting for this because it is a 1% cash back credit card. For a student in Canada, this is probably one of the best cards to get. There is also price protection for up to 60 days. Too bad the University of Waterloo doesn’t accept credit cards or I will be getting a lot of money back. Anyway, if you are interested in being rewarded for spending your hard earned money, check out the article below. I chose Enrich because it has no fees and I meet the minimum requirements, which is quite easy. The American Express AirMiles card is also a good choice if you want to collect AirMiles.

On a side note, TD Canada Trust is no good. The Value account has little value because you are only allowed 10 transactions. I had 11 transactions this month and was charged 65 cents! They also have a new credit card called the Rebate Rewards Visa Card, which doesn’t give you 1% cash back unless you spend over $3000. However, Visa has some perks that might interest you. And without much thought, my first card was the TD Green Visa card, which gave me no rewards, but I like the Purchase Security and Extended Warranty Protection, so I’ll be keeping that for some purchases.

Most importantly, get a credit card to build credit and earn rewards. Try to pay the full amount monthly to avoid the super high interest rates.

Link: Credit Card Rewards: Head to Head

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