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Paint.NETPaint.NET is a great open source (free) image editing utility written mainly in C#. The interface is similar to Adobe’s Photoshop and it has some of the same functionalities. If you are a Photoshop user, you will be able to use Paint.NET with ease, but you’ll also notice some lacking features. If you are new to image editing software, it’s easy to learn. The program is only for the Windows platform and it requires .NET Framework to be installed.

One of the most useful features in Paint.NET is the ability to add layers. With layers and blending options, you are able to create professional-looking images. There is also an enhanced colour palette with transparency options for easy colour selection. It also keeps an unlimited history, so you can backtrack as necessary. One main advantage that Paint.NET has over Photoshop is load speed. It initializes quickly and probably just as quick as MS Paint. Oh, and it’s got tabbed browsing of opened pictures.

Although it has an effects menu, they are not as good as Photoshop’s filters, but for free, I would say that it’s loaded with features. Moreover, the auto-level function does not work as well; it degrades the image. It’s better to leave the original as is or auto-level it with Photoshop. Lastly, it lacks the batch process function.

Notice that I have compared a free ultility with a $500+ program. You know what that means? Paint.NET is so good that it can be benchmarked by Photoshop. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money and want to create some graphics for a personal website, then Paint.NET is perfect for you. Remember, all the graphics that you see on this website was made in Paint.NET.

I think that it is sufficient for the average user and because it’s free, you might as well download it now. There’s a great community eager to welcome you. They even have a really good domain name!


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