Creature Feature: Cheetah

Cheetah Running The cheetah is one of the fastest animals on this planet and the fastest land animal. You won’t see them driving cars because they can run just as fast. Their bodies are slim and they have black spots for great aerodynamics and camouflage purposes, respectively. These animals are quick predators; they make an effort to run hard and target the neck for a fast kill. Furthermore, cheetahs form coalitions and mark their territory by urinating on objects. Do you urinate at the same stall or urinal at your favourite restaurant, at work, or at a mall? Leave a comment if you do. Male cheetahs will fight for territory, while females live in home ranges and teach their cubs how to hunt.

If you would like to have your own cheetah cub as a pet, you can’t because they require a lot of care and are endangered due to hunting, the loss of habitat, and other factors. However, you can still visit them at zoos and now is a good time because the weather is nice. If you would like to see them in the wild, they live in open savannas, but keep in mind that they hunt for mammals under 40 kilograms or 90 lbs during late mornings and early evenings with a 50% success rate. Why did I choose the cheetah and why is it so special? I chose the cheetah because it is endangered and it’s the fastest land animal! Ostriches run fast, but not even close to a cheetah’s speed.

What other animals would you like to see featured? Post a comment and let me know!

Photo: roclwyr
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