Spring 2007 Fashion: New Gear

New Sigma Chi HoodieThat’s right, Puissance knows a little about fashion, too! And why am I referring to myself by soubriquet? Anyway, since the weather is so nice, it’s probably time to go shopping. I don’t really like to go shopping, but I usually wear old clothing from elementary school and that doesn’t look good at all. Yes, elementary school because weaving patterns and new materials have made clothing more durable than ever. No, they don’t look good and are not in style anymore.

Thanks to my Big Brother Kevin, I have a new hoodie and polo. Now I can further express myself through clothing. In the picture, you will see a Sigma Chi hoodie, a Gamekillers t-shirt, and my new belt. The Sigma Chi outerwear is a hooded sweatshirt with the Greek letters of Sigma Chi embroidered. Read more about Sigma Chi here: http://www.uwsigmachi.ca. I wear hoodies for casual purposes and for jogging during the winter season. I actually went out for a jog today in an orange Cherokee t-shirt that is over 5 years old! Now let’s get back on track. The Gamekillers t-shirt was a freebie from an Axe promotion and it displays my favourite gamekiller, The One Upper. You can learn more about it at their website. And finally, the new belt is something different from the standard leather belt. Leather is in style this year, but I don’t like to go with the flow sometimes; I wanted a cool belt.

New UB Belt

So what’s in style this Spring 2007?
What’s in style is the stuff that I don’t wear. The spring season is all about casual wear—fitted clothing, sneakers, and short shorts. Yes! Short shorts are cool to me. Layered clothing is still in style, so when possible, wear light layers and take them off as necessary, especially when it’s getting hot in herre as Nelly suggests. Let me break it down for you. For men, this spring…

Tops: Fitted polos, dress shirts (with no undershirt), brightly patterned shirts (Hawaiian), or white (or neutral) coloured shirts.
Bottoms: Short shorts, pleated long shorts, pleated pants, or thin lightweight creased casual long pants (loose fabrics for a casual look).
Footwear: Sneakers with half the sock or ankle socks, which is a win-win situation for both consumers and manufacturers. (It’s in style for consumers and less material is required to produce those socks.)
Outerwear: Jackets vary quite a bit, but a long jacket for the long shorts and ruffled pants should be good. A waistline jacket is good for a classy look. Choose white, grey, or neutral colours.
Other: If you like shiny stuff, metallic clothing is in style this spring! And also, match long outerwear with long shorts

I’m sure the ladies know what’s in style, so I’m not going to include much.
For the ladies:

Tops: Neutral colours, red, blue, grey, black or white tops.
Bottoms: Short fitted pants.
Footwear: I honestly don’t know
Outerwear: Same as tops
Other: If you like shiny stuff, metallic clothing is in style this spring!

I’m not a fashionable person, but I know someone who is! Chhai knows when the argyle and the leather is in and he knows when the Air Force Ones are out. You can visit his blog at ChhaiTea.com (a link is provided to your left). Shopping for clothing is expensive, so remember to set a budget for yourself. Oh shoot, I have to get back to my work report now. Have fun shopping!

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