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UnemployedAre you desperate for a job? Would you do almost anything to earn some money? Well then, I’ve got some tips for you. There are plenty of jobs available, you just need to find them. I agree that most jobs are in the hidden market where companies try to hire from internal sources, but if you know where to look, there is a huge list of employment opportunities. Here’s how to get started:
You must be willing to stop being lazy and you must make an effort to get a job. Here are some steps and resources to get you started!

  1. Stop being lazy and do some exercise to wake yourself up
  2. Prepare a resume
  3. Purchase a newspaper or go to a public library (for internet access if needed)
  4. Get a pen and some paper to mark down contact information and jobs that interest you
  5. Look in the classifieds section of the newspaper
  6. Go online and check out these excellent resources:
  7. Write cover letters for the jobs you really want
  8. Contact the companies you are interested in by email (attach your resume), phone, or in person
  9. Go to and submit your resume to jobs that interest you
  10. If you’re in Canada, don’t forget about:
  11. Now wait for employers to contact you
  12. Keep exercising, it keeps your energy level up!

For the people who want to work from home or over the internet, here’s how:

I’ve only listed a few resources. There is a whole lot more for you to discover. If you are willing, I’m sure you can get a job. Remember: Don’t give up!

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