For some reason, I had a craving for sushi the other day. When I was younger, I never liked it, but I have developed a taste for it and now I enjoy it very much. The sushi menu still confuses me as I do not know what everything is, but when I ate with Chhai, he knows the sushi. Here are the basic items and terms that are good to know about:

  • Nori – seaweed
  • Sake – Japanese alcoholic beverage
  • Sashimi – small slices of raw seafood
  • Maki – rice and other ingredients rolled together by a sheet of nori
    • Futomaki – thick rolls
    • Hosomaki – thin rolls
    • Uramaki – inside-out rolls
  • Nigiri – rice topped with a slice of fish
  • Temaki – hand rolls – cone-shaped nori wrapping around rice and other ingredients

Maki and Nigiri
Nigiri at the back and Maki at the front

So for the next sushi time:

  1. Start with Sashimi
  2. Move onto nigiri or maki
  3. Finish with temaki

I should also mention my favourite, unagi, which is freshwater eel. Mmmm!

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Photos: Wikimedia Commons

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