BabelWarning. Spoilers ahead.

Being unintelligent, I watched the entire movie, Babel, without subtitles. The first scene was in Morocco with people speaking in Arabic (at least I think it’s in Arabic). I was thinking to myself, “I don’t understand any of this, what a boring movie… I guess the purpose of the movie is to be confusing, but understandable by the end.” So I sat through the entire movie not understanding what was spoken or signed (by the Japanese woman and her friends). Nevertheless, to my surprise, I understood the movie and was able to grasp the storyline. It has been well constructed. Each of the four stories were linked together, but I did not fully understand how the Japanese story connected with the others, apart from the picture and the fact that it was on the news, which symbolizes globalization. Then I re-watched the scene near the end with subtitles where the man was speaking with the cop. It finally made sense. Overall, the movie is great because there are multiple themes. And even with the language barriers, I was able to understand the movie. You get a glimpse of other cultures and lifestyles. In addition, it reveals underlying human behaviours and emotions. Definitely, there is more to the movie and a lot more to discuss. To me, it’s a drama that was interesting, but still boring. I would prefer watching comedies, but this one was a good intermittent change.

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