SwimmingI went for a 20 minute swim the other day to examine the possibility of going swimming to replace jogging. I concluded that it is definitely viable. I have taken swimming lessons when I was a child, failing the beginner levels of “tadpole” and “goldfish” a few times. However, I still remember how to move my body in the water and it’s amazing. For this reason, I think all children should learn how to swim. Although I do not have the best form and technique, I was able to cross the length of the pool without stopping midway. After several of these lengths, I began to feel the fatigue and my muscles began to tense up, especially my triceps. The resistance that water possesses is excellent.

Swimming requires the full body and is a great cardiovascular exercise as it increases the heart rate. It also involves breath control, which is one of the toughest factors of swimming in my opinion. You’ll get a really good sense of achievement from swimming because you’re exercising, you’re performing difficult techniques, and you’re on your way to a better looking body.

Moreover, the pool is a great place to socialize and meet people. On my first day, I met two people who were swimming at that pool for the first time as well. We only had a few short conversations, but it was still very interesting. Keep in mind that the pool is open for all skill levels. There will be pros, there will be noobs, and there will be those who just want to chill in the water.

Next time I go, I will be attempting the following routine:

Stretch during shower
Tread water for a few minutes as warm up
Front crawl one length, back crawl back and repeat a few times
I’ll do some breaststroke in between

But after 20 minutes, I’ll feel tired, nevertheless, very good. It feels even better when you walk outside after a good swim. And if it’s an outdoor pool, it’s probably the best. Lastly, if you are looking for something that will keep you active during the summer, I highly recommend swimming. You get to socialize, exercise, and feel good. I’m sure lessons are available for those who want to learn. I’ve included a link below to a site with some nice guides to basic swimming techniques, too.

Link: BBC Sport – Front crawl basics
Source: CNN – The benefits of: Swimming

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