Ordering Eggs at a Restaurant

How would you like your eggs? That is the question I get from all day breakfast restaurants. I was only familiar with a few egg cooking styles, so I usually went with scrambled. I have done some research and next time I can order something better and more challenging for the chef. Scrambled eggs are too easy!

Some restaurants won’t cook all of these styles, but you can always ask. Also, this list doesn’t include separate entrĂ©es, such as Eggs Benedict.

Egg Cooking Styles
Scrambled Eggs
Egg scrambled and cooked
Poached Eggs
Egg liquid boiled in water
Sunny Side Up
Sunny Side Up
Egg slightly cooked on one side
Over Easy
Eggs Over Easy
Egg cooked on both sides, but slightly on one side; liquid yolk
Over Medium
Eggs Over Medium
Egg cooked on both sides, but medium on one side; slightly liquid yolk
Over Hard
Eggs Over Hard
Egg cooked on both sides; yolk is solid
Hard-cooked (boiled)
Hard-Cooked Egg
Egg boiled in shell until solid
Soft-cooked (boiled)
Soft-Cooked Egg
Egg boiled in shell, but not thoroughly; liquid yolk

There you have it. Next time (at Mel’s Diner) I’m going to order eggs over medium. What about you? How do you like your eggs done?

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