When Sharing Goes Wrong: Woes of a Suite-Style Residence

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At the beginning of the term, it has been decided that essential foods, cutlery and cooking tools would be shared. No strict rules were laid out. BIG mistake.

I discourage sharing in suite-style residences for the following reason:

Sharing goes wrong when you wake up hungry for breakfast only to find that your favourite brand’s cereal box is pretty much empty with only a scintilla of crumbs left. Nevertheless, out of starvation, you grab a bowl from the “clean rack” and notice that it’s dirty. You clean it, pour the crumbs into your bowl and open the fridge to get some milk. To your surprise, there are only a few drops of milk left in the bag and there are no other bags. You say to yourself, “Shit!” As a result, you eat an apple for breakfast.

You rarely cook, but you’ve got some eggs, so you decide to fry some over hard eggs for lunch. Luckily, your eggs are still there. You take two and put it on the counter. You find your clean pan and put it on the dirty range that no one cleans after heavy-oil-usage cooking. You turn the heat up and smoke is everywhere because all the oil on the element is burning like crazy. Once again, you say “Shit!” and move on. After lunch, you clean your pan. However, when you proceed to clean your pan, the sink is full of dirty plates and large pots. You move them aside, clean your pan, and put it away nicely.

Dinner comes around and you pick up a nice salmon dinner to bring home. You place your dinner on the table, turn on the TV, and relax. You remember that you had two Nestea Iced Tea drinks in the fridge, so you go and get it. “SHIT! Where the fuck are my drinks?” They are nowhere to be found except that there are two more cans in the recycling bin. You wonder if there is some confusion or lack of intelligence somewhere. It has happened before and you have now lost 4 cans of Nestea in total. You drink water with your nice salmon loin dinner. You have one can left in your closet, so you put it in the fridge and it is now labeled with a bright neon green sticky note, “Please do not consume…”

The next day… it’s sunny out and you want to chill with a nice can of Nestea. Guess what?

Lessons Learned

  • Don’t share anything
  • If you share, list all shared items
  • Label your foods if necessary

Also, sharing is bad when some people are opportunistic and take advantage of shared items. They will not purchase the items, but consume large amounts of each item. It’s simply unfair. For this reason, I don’t recommend sharing in suite-style residences.

What are your experiences?

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