Awesome Dream

Grass HillA few days ago, I woke up with a short memory of a dream, which had a lot of my favourite things. Here’s what I remember:

First, I was playing Manhunt on campus near the Student Life Centre and there were people everywhere. The grass was green and the area was hilly. This random guy comes up trying to catch me and for some reason he kicked me and I punched his head twice. Then I jumped back, but he managed to tag me. Then we cheerfully discussed how the game worked and that I will be joining him as a hunter. There was a small group of fugitives left to be caught and they were all in the middle. This area was like an airport with large windows. We linked arms, forming a circle to enclose them. We finally got close and this hot woman decides to spar me. We had a friendly spar with some light throwing and some crazy blocks. And then I heard a lawn mower.

Neat Things:
A circle?!?!?
Hot woman
Martial arts

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