Information Overload!

Google ReaderWith 24 hour days, we are constraint by time. Learning takes time and spaced learning is best. Information is plentiful because of the internet and now my news reader (Google Reader) is bloated! I have so much that I want to learn that I keep subscribing to RSS feeds. I’ve also got email subscriptions to a few other useful websites. Every day, I receive 300+ news items; some are good and some are useless to me. How do I manage all of this information with so little time?

Speed Reading – I basically do this with my textbooks as well. I choose what’s important and I spend more time on it while I ignore less important items.

The Scroll Wheel and Keyboard Shortcuts – Google Reader allows me to use ‘J’ and ‘K’ to move through items quickly. The scroll wheel is even quicker!

Time Usage – When I’ve got time, I will try to check my reader.

Still, I cannot manage to retain all of this information. I’m overloaded! I feel welcomed to the information age. This is why specialization is important. Using the principle of comparative advantage, we can work together to share knowledge. Where can I find others to trade knowledge? Clubs, interest groups, libraries and of course, school.

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