BMO Mosaik MasterCard

BMO Mosaik SPC MasterCardYes, I got another credit card. No, I’m not in debt. I always pay my credit card bills in full because the interest rates are so high! I use them for rewards and convenience. Most importantly, I use credit cards as emergency funds. If I ever need more money than I have on hand, that would be an emergency. Therefore, I would use credit. I hope this never happens though. Anyway, the reason why I applied for this card is because it includes SPC perks (for free), 0.5% cash back, extended warranty coverage, and price protection. It’s an all-in-one! Other than SPC-friendly stores, I use this card for computer equipment and other products that are expensive for extended warranty and cash back features. For clothing and other things, I use my Citi MC for the 1% cash back.

On a side note, I bought things today. I got two pairs of jeans for $45.60 after tax and a 12 piece computer repair tool kit (similar to the one at Liftow) for $5.67 after tax. Good deals, eh?

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