The Entrepreneur

As the world continues to advance through time, through knowledge, through innovation, and through each other, it is now time for substantial development. The concept of entrepreneurs is becoming increasingly popular because we have passion for positive change. This change will improve our technology, our services, our products, our productivity, and our standard of living. This change will bring us to a new level and I’m glad that I’m here to participate.

The University of Waterloo has always been an entrepreneurial institution, beginning with the co-operative education program. The university is now recognizing the need for entrepreneurs and is providing entrepreneurs with a jump start through CBET. Furthermore, the Laurel Centre for Social Entrepreneurship is bringing positive change into play, offering lectures, conferences, and a mentorship program. The university is also renovating a residence to create an incubator student residence called VeloCity.

Ladies and Gentlemen… It is time for achievement. It is time for creativity. It is time for improvement. Most importantly, it is time for radical change. The time has come for entrepreneurs. Get out there and change the world!

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The Call of the Entrepreneur

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