China and Pollution – Finger Pointing Discouraged

Polluting FactoryIn a biased video on the BBC News website, a new study claims that China is the world’s worst polluter, displacing the US. At the end of the video, the reporter makes it sound like China is at fault for global warming. China’s argument is that the US has been polluting for many years and nothing has been done to curve that. In addition, if you divide carbon emission by the number of people in China, the number is much smaller.

China has been receiving a lot of negativity because of many factors, such as their growth, their human rights issues and their hosting of the Olympic Games. In the video, the reporter implies that the world will not cool down if China doesn’t lower carbon emissions. In defense, why hasn’t the US lowered their carbon emissions? They could’ve made a difference if they weren’t polluting so much for so many years. And now Bush, according to a CBC article, wants a new international emissions deal that “…gives none a free ride.” Hasn’t the US been riding free all along?

There you have it. Both countries need to reduce carbon emissions. It’s as simple as that. The UK might as well join in and reduce their carbon emissions, too.

On the whole, I think that reducing carbon emissions should be a global effort. No one is to be blamed because we all live on the same planet and every government wants the best for their country; sometimes that requires building more power plants. Reducing carbon emissions entails a collaborative effort and pointing fingers is not an effective tool for collaboration.

Links: BBC News – China ‘world’s worst polluter’
CBC – Bush sees U.S. greenhouse emissions levelling off by 2025

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