What the Mailman Knows

Letter MailMost of the mail that we receive is important because junk is now easier and cheaper to send by email. The mail person sees all the mail that we receive. I’ve been living at the same house for a long time and I’m sure the mailman knows me quite well, indirectly. This is what I think he knows:

  • that I’m getting older
  • when I first got a bank account and at which bank
  • that I got a driver’s license
  • that I finished high school
  • what universities and colleges sent me an offer (larger packages)
  • what universities and colleges sent me a rejection (smaller letters)
  • when I get new credit cards
  • that I’m paying bills
  • that I have an interest in science (Popular Science magazines)
  • that I have an interest in business (Canadian Business magazines)
  • that I go to the University of Waterloo (newsletters and letters)
  • that I’m working
  • the employers that I worked for (packages)

The mailman has watched me progress through the stages of life. What has your mail person learned about you?

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