Learning to Sing

Photograph by Gaetan LeeI’ve always enjoyed singing in the shower and yelling random lines here and there, but vocal lessons cost $60/hour. I can’t afford that, so I’m relying on books and audio CDs. Since I’m making so much noise, I want to make sure that it sounds good. After all, I don’t want to annoy other people, I prefer to entertain them.

Singing has been around for so many years, since the medieval times and probably even earlier. Search for Gregorian chants and Renaissance music because that music is top. In general, I like all kinds of music from techno to country, but I wouldn’t be able to sing a lot of the music out there. Music technology is so sophisticated that possibilities are endless. Things like pitch correction and the talk box make things interesting. Check out this video for example:


Anyway, this is how I’m going to learn how to sing. I have purchased two books last year (yes, I haven’t really gotten into them yet):
Singing for Dummies by Pamelia S. Phillips
Contemporary Singing Techniques – Men’s Edition by Bob Rose

Singing for Dummies actually has a very good audio CD with practice techniques. I’ll be using that to practice scales as I don’t have a working piano. Contemporary Singing Techniques is a short book that focuses on human anatomy and producing sounds. I’ll be using that for proper posture and singing techniques to make sure that I don’t damage anything. I hope to practice at least 30 minutes a day and we’ll see where that takes me. If anyone knows how to sing and would like to share some tips, please feel free to comment! Thanks!

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