TrackMania Nations Forever Review

Kid on ComputerDo you remember playing with Hot Wheels back in the days? I don’t because my parents never bought it. I can afford to buy some hot wheels now, but I rather buy a real car. Yesterday, I was actually feeling a little bit of boredom; the feeling that I haven’t felt in a long time. That made me look for some computer games to play. I ran into TrackMania Nations Forever, a free game that resembles hot wheels. Now I can play with hot wheels while I sit there with my back slouched, eating junk food.

After installing this game, it was quite fun. I started with single player to get a feel of the game dynamics and the physics system and it was decent. The graphics are smooth and pleasant, the soundtrack is not annoying, and the gameplay is interesting. The only problem is that with a keyboard, you have to tap the arrow keys to turn a bit, which takes some time to get used to. I would recommend a game pad with the thumbsticks for this game.

The tracks are very cool. There are race tracks, speed tracks, acrobatic tracks, and endurance tracks. You compete against ghost cars in all races, which is another downside. You can’t do something that I would thoroughly enjoy in this game; you can’t bump anyone off the track because they’re just ghost cars. Nevertheless, the tracks require coordination and skill. If you want to beat the gold medalist, you would need to complete the track with a fast time.

Everything is customizable. You can paint your car and create your own tracks. The track editor is well integrated, extremely easy to use, and the possibilities are endless. You won’t be disappointed if you like playing with Lego.

There are multiple multiplayer modes. You can play hot seat, through the local network, or online. Online play is similar to single player except that you race against other people in ghost cars. You select your country and province when you create your profile and you are shown your world rank, national rank, and provincial rank. When you play against other people, you’ll see country flags, so you represent your country, which is very neat. It’s like playing Hot Wheels at the Olympics.

For those who want to play games casually, this is it. Load times are quick and you can play a track or two and then quit. The best part is that this game is FREE! Go download it and play with me!

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