Sacrificing Practicality for Style – Footwear

Casual FootwearEver since I went from children’s Velcro shoes to adult shoes, I am still and have always been wearing cross trainers. They are all-purpose shoes that are comfortable and look cool. OK, so a lot of people don’t agree with me on the cool part, but I like them anyway. They are good for walking, running, and parkour; they are practical. The problem is its appearance. They don’t look casual.

The general rule is that it isn’t stylish to wear cross trainers when one is not training. Should I sacrifice practicality for style?

I’m going to try. I’ll purchase a pair of casual footwear and see how I feel about them. If anything, I’ll revert back to my cool cross trainers. What are your thoughts? Do you wear cross trainers or do you have several pairs of shoes, each for specific occasions?

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