House Husband

House Husband Washing DishesI had two weeks off because my exams ended early on April 18, 2008. In the past two weeks, I have been at home doing a lot of chores and a little bit of caregiving.

I have come to two conclusions:
1) caregiving isn’t easy
2) I wouldn’t mind being a house husband

1) Caregiving is very difficult. Helping the elderly requires patience. There is huge responsibility and plenty to do. Caregiving includes everything from cleaning, changing clothes, using your fingers as a shoehorn, preparing food/medication, and accident prevention. I can’t do it full-time. Furthermore, I learned that I don’t want to get weak. That’s why I have My Training Plan.

2) On the other hand, there’s the house husband who takes care of the young and the house. Seriously, I wouldn’t mind staying inside to take care of some kids and to do household chores. With the free time, I could produce videos, read, teach, play, improve the house, and learn new things. In addition, I like to challenge the norm (although the norm is changing to dual income families). With my obsessive compulsive personality traits (OCPTs) and minimalistic approach, the place would be spotless. It’ll be nice with bed sheets folded, floors mopped, lawn mowed, dishes cleaned, and children happy. Consequently, there would be one significant disadvantage. It would mean giving up my ideas and my dreams. I would be unable to cause positive externalities or improve the community. I’ll just be a house husband, but for the wife, I might actually do just that. So who wants to bring home some money and put food on the table?

Haha, this is definitely an interesting topic. What are your thoughts about house husbands? If you’re a woman, would you want your husband to stay at home? If you’re a man, would you be a house husband?

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