Petro-Canada Mobility Nokia 1208 Review

Recently, my brother bought me the Nokia 1208 from Petro-Canada. I figured that I don’t need a monthly plan because I don’t like monthly fees, which cost at least $25 from most providers. I went with prepaid because I don’t use the phone often. I compared many prepaid services and I figured that Petro-Canada Mobility was best. Why?

Service Review

  • they have many locations for purchasing additional prepaid minutes
  • phones are practical and inexpensive; nothing fancy
  • $20 and $50 prepaid minutes expire in 180 days (~6 months) [Most service providers require frequent top ups]
  • $100 prepaid minutes expire in 365 days (1 year)
  • minutes carry over
  • good rates at $0.20/min for local calls and $0.30/min for long distance (I move to Waterloo every four months for school and will use the phone)
  • rates are cheaper than pay phones on the street, which cost $0.50 per call
  • includes call waiting, caller ID, voice mail, three-way calling, and text messaging ($0.05/message incoming and outgoing)
  • Rogers GSM network
  • Very easy to activate and use

There are some disadvantages when using Petro-Canada Mobility:

  • per minute charges (not per second), it gets rounded up
  • can’t choose a number
  • you get charged for incoming text messages (it’s horrible)
  • you get charged ($0.20/min) when checking voicemail because you have to dial out, but you can also check voicemail from another phone
  • ugly Petro-Canada splash logo when powering up phone
  • says Petro-Canada on phone (as network)

Phone Review
I chose the Nokia 1208 for its features, too. Here’s why:

  • inexpensive ($50)
  • practical
  • long battery life (7 hours talk, 14 days standby)
  • big clock screensaver (digital or analogue); displays message notification, too
  • standard and neat features, such as bright flashlight, conversion tool, calculator, call log, call timers, contacts, calendar, alarm clock, reminders, loudspeaker, etc.
  • very lightweight
  • has colour


  • screen too small
  • large text, only 3 lines (could be good for others)

It’s a good plan and phone for those who will be only making outgoing calls occasionally or for emergencies. The long battery life means that it doesn’t have to be charged for weeks if you’re a light user. Moreover, you get a reliable network and useful features like the flashlight. Check out the video review:
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Petro-Canada Mobility Nokia 1208 Review

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