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Exam RoomExam time is my favourite time of the school term. Lectures are over and all students have 24 hours to spend every day. It’s all about how we spend those 24 hours. Here are some tips on how to get the most out of your exam time:

  1. Wake up early (6am if you can) to take advantage of the sunlight. In Canada, there is less sunlight during the winter season. Waking up early will help you maximize natural light usage. You’ll feel happier and more energetic. You’ll also be prepared for morning exams.
  2. Eat breakfast. You need to fuel up to study.
  3. Eliminate distractions. Unplug your laptop, turn off your phone, put away that guitar.
  4. Go to the library and use a study carrel. It’ll put you in the studying mood.
  5. Schedule in your study time and stick to it. Have 6-8 hours of studying everyday and have about 6 hours for yourself as a reward afterward.
  6. Get 8 hours of sleep. It’ll improve memory retention.
  7. Exercise. It’ll make you feel much better.
  8. Drink water and eat healthy snacks, such as fruit. Water lubricates your brain.
  9. When studying, switch subjects every 1-2 hours, so you don’t lose interest.
  10. Take a 10 minute break every hour. It allows your brain to make the necessary connections.
  11. Don’t be stressed. Preparation is key. You can do it!
  12. Throw your hands up in the air after you have completed an exam. It’s always good to celebrate.

Hands in the Air

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