Emotions – How it Makes Us Do Wrong

Man after making a poor decisionI’ve written something about managing emotions before, but this time I’m going to focus on how emotions make us do controversial things using an example from a recent episode of Chuck.

Emotions bind people together. When we have strong emotional ties, our choices and decisions are influenced by our emotions. Does it lead to poorer decisions? That is debatable. It becomes an ethics debate.

For example, from Chuck, season 2, episode 10, despite being a CIA agent, Sarah lets her father escape from doing jail time. She had a disappointing father, yet she had strong emotional ties. This lead her to do something wrong in others’ eyes. Some people will think, “How could she let a criminal escape?” However, being emotionless is also frowned upon. Some people will think, “How could she do that to her own father?”

We are all influenced by our emotions, some more than others. That is why I encourage you to read my post on managing emotions. I list several important questions that we should ask ourselves when making decisions that affect others. For a more detailed paper on how to make decisions, check out How to Make Decisions: Coherence, Emotion, and Practical Inference by Paul Thagard, a professor at the University of Waterloo.

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How to Make Decisions: Coherence, Emotion, and Practical Inference by Paul Thagard

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