BiodomeAfter reading a special report on the sea in The Economist, I thought to myself on the subway ride home that, “If I am to own a vast piece of land and build a biodome with a perfect ecosystem, I would need help. Some people would help by constructing ‘green’ projects, conserving energy, recycling, and reducing waste. Resources would not be over exploited. Plants would flourish and animals would thrive.

Then, when the Earth begins to warm, when the water is no longer clean to drink, when there are no fish in the sea, when there is no evidence of beautiful corals, when it becomes difficult to breath, and when the grass is no longer green, what will those people outside of the biodome do? They will want admittance. It is likely that they will force entry as their lives are at risk. But no, they are not invited. Entering the biodome will cause a disequilibrium. They did not take action. They exploited, they consumed, and they depleted the Earth’s resources. Their lifestyle was unsustainable. It will be too late.”

You need to take action. We need to take action. Now.

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