Pre-Puberty Singing and Trouble Making

Memorex Cassette TapeA few years ago, I remember finding an old cassette tape and playing it. It was a recording of myself playing around with a radio that had a microphone and a cassette recording functionality. Then it was put away somewhere. A few years fly by and this memory of the cassette is back probably because I started taking voice lessons three weeks ago. To justify my decision, I had to think about why I wanted to take voice lessons. Here are my core reasons:

  • I enjoy singing
  • I’m not good at it
  • It would complement my beatboxing skills

Thinking back to the old days, I actually liked to make a lot of noise and sing random songs on KISS 98.5, a radio station in Buffalo that still exists today. They still play great music, too. Now I had to find this old cassette tape because it would bring back fun memories. I spent a few hours looking through boxes and listening to a few cassette tapes. In one of them, I heard my dad practicing English. It was very funny, indeed. After searching through more boxes, I have finally found the tape with great excitement.

I converted it into a digital format (MP3) by using an old Walkman and a 3.5mm to 3.5mm stereo cable. I connected the Walkman’s output to the line-in of my computer. I simply had to play the cassette tape and press record on the computer.

My brother listened to it and noticed that we haven’t changed much. I still make a lot of noise, sing, and play with audio equipment. With my singing, I am still really bad with lyrics. In some ways, I am still a trouble maker. The song “Love You Down” by INOJ was released in 1997, which means that this cassette tape is 12 years old. I was around 9 years old and I was in grade 4 or 5. Without further ado, I present to you Side B of the colourful Memorex cassette tape.

Pre-Puberty Singing

The Entire Side B of the Cassette Tape (Warning: Contains immature use of language)
Listen to my mom yell at us at 2:15. Haha!

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