Beatboxing in Hong Kong

TVB Sunday Report
TVB recently did a Sunday Report on a cappella groups and vocal percussion (beatboxing). To summarize, it said that a cappella is gaining popularity among youths in Hong Kong. I wish a cappella was more popular in North America, but it’s all about the mainstream music here. A friend of mine told me that my video was on TV, so my brother found it online and sent it to me. In the report, it mentions that the interviewee practiced for 3 hours a day while in school. That is a lot of practicing and if you want to learn how to beatbox, that’s what it takes. Props to Rahzel for pioneering the “beatboxing and singing at the same time” technique. The report also featured my If Your Mother Only Knew Tutorial and the interviewee said that it took him a long time just to learn a phrase. Well, I’m glad that I could help. Maybe I should make a Cantonese version of the tutorial.

My video was only on there for a few seconds, but it’s cool that people are learning from it. Check out the full report at the link below. My video appears around 9 minutes.

Link: TVB News – Sunday Report (2009-04-12)

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