At the End of the Human Race (for Destruction)

CraterWhen I read the news, I think that the end of the human species is not a farfetched idea. Future intelligent species will examine our technology, study our history and look at our ruins. They will come to the conclusion and say, “What an idiotic species!”

Our Technology
Our ancestors began using tools to increase the chance of survival. Discoveries such as fire brought heat, light, and the ability to cook. Inventions such as the compass helped in navigation. Innovations such as irrigation has increased crop production. Think about the internet today, it brings communication with other parts of the world to your fingertips. We have become masters of our environment.

Our History
Our cultures are diverse, we have a vast amount of languages, we trade resources, and we share our talents. Human history spans over thousands of years. Knowledge of ourselves and our world has grown exponentially.

Our Ruins
Technology advances the most in times of war where research and manpower is devoted to weapon and defence development. With nuclear weapons, the Earth can be destroyed within a few hours. Warfare is always a threat. That is, war between humans and humans; a race to destroy each other.

The End
Our technology enables us to destroy each other. When we attack each other with such great power, we are destroying ourselves. War has its consequences. When we no longer exist and our ruins are discovered by some future intelligent species, not only will we look idiotic, but they would think, “What a waste of history, technology, and culture!”

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