The New Home Theatre PC

Out with the old and in with the new! The old media centre that I built in 2006 is long gone with a bad motherboard and an old Celeron processor. Although overclocked, I can’t believe that I used a Celeron processor. It’s now at the electronics dump. The new home theatre PC was built over a year ago, but I made sure that it had HDMI capabilities with a low wattage 64-bit dual core processor. Fortunately, it can still decode 1080p without lag. It’s running Windows 7 x64 with RAID 0 on the OS partition and RAID 1 on the Data partition. Now with a new LCD television, it was about time for a new setup. I didn’t have a sound system, but my dad had a Yamaha AX-570 receiver and a pair of old school Tannoy Oxford speakers. It looks like a decent setup with a mixture of old and new components. Here are the pictures. I’m not going to include any captions because I think you’ll know which is which. Cool, eh?

Old Media Centre

New Media Centre

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