The New Home Theatre PC

Out with the old and in with the new! The old media centre that I built in 2006 is long gone with a bad motherboard and an old Celeron processor. Although overclocked, I can’t believe that I used a Celeron processor. It’s now at the electronics dump. The new home theatre PC was built over a year ago, but I made sure that it had HDMI capabilities with a low wattage 64-bit dual core processor. Fortunately, it can still decode 1080p without lag. It’s running Windows 7 x64 with RAID 0 on the OS partition and RAID 1 on the Data partition. Now with a new LCD television, it was about time for a new setup. I didn’t have a sound system, but my dad had a Yamaha AX-570 receiver and a pair of old school Tannoy Oxford speakers. It looks like a decent setup with a mixture of old and new components. Here are the pictures. I’m not going to include any captions because I think you’ll know which is which. Cool, eh?

As you can see below, it’s a really nice setup and I think the speaker placement works well. Of course, the HDTV affords better colour, resolution, and does justice to the capabilities of newer PC components and of course, Windows 7, which is taking the Media Center experience even further. So whether I feel like watching a film, surfing the web, playing texas hold'em or just checking out some TV on a lazy Sunday afternoon, I’m well-prepared.

Old Media Centre

New Media Centre

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