My Dream of Reality

I woke up today from a dream. I rarely remember my dreams and it was quite a realistic dream. Please note that this was indeed a dream and dreams are not accurately representative of anything. Here it goes… I was running, but was not being chased. It was dark and it was raining. Every step on the concrete sidewalk caused a little splash of water. I was in a trench coat, running through a clubbing district. The clubbing district that I’ve seen in my dreams before. It is a single street running east to west with a very industrial feel. There are no tall buildings, but power lines and old brick buildings. It was too dark to see the graffiti as the street lights were malfunctioning and dim. There, I was running with no purpose.

As I was running east, many people were waiting in queue to get inside the clubs. I saw JL, someone who I always thought to be too young and innocent to go to the clubs. Surprisingly, he brought his little brother. They were first in line and as I ran past, noticing them, I turned my head, pointed and said, “Hey, be safe!” I caught a glimpse of the club interior and it was empty at the moment with flashy lights, laser beams, fog, and a few bouncers. As I continued running, I got looks of hostility as if I was an intruder. A look that said, “This is not your hood.” I kept running. Being so dark, I turned on my cell phone’s flashlight. You must be careful with a flashlight. If you shine it in someone’s eyes, they get pissed. So I ran with my flashlight pointed toward the ground, passing a few abandoned buildings until I reached a crowded entrance. I had to strategically manoeuvre myself to continue down the street. By this time, I think I was looking for someone. As I past by another crowd, I shone my flashlight into the mass of people, trying to find this person. Angry faces was all I got. The journey continues. I ran through a mini power station where a slowly paced woman was blocking the sidewalk. There were power boxes adjacent to both sides of the sidewalk and I could not squeeze through. I patiently waited as she moved through and then continued through.

Finally, I reached the end of the street. It was blocked off by the police. There were 3 officers each grappling some men. A few arrested men were sitting against a chain linked fence. Behind the blockade were many people surrounding the club and police lights flashing, blue, red, blue, red, blue. The people sitting down looked like nice guys. The police officer wanted to show me something. He had some clippers in his hand. He told one of the men sitting by the fence to give him his hand. The officer proceeded to clip the man’s pinky finger. The man’s facial expression showed no fear, but pain. A pain that he was now fighting. His nail was lifted and blood began to fill the void space. “He was a nice guy,” I thought. He did not deserve that.

There, my journey ended and I woke up with 7 minutes to spare before my alarm clocked would ring. What did I learn from this dream?

First, the world is unpredictable. To survive, you must adapt to your surroundings. The environment is never constant. It could be raining, it could be dark, and it could be filled with hostile people. Be aware of your surroundings and adjust accordingly.

Second, people change. JL has grown up and is exploring new things. His little brother is being influenced in the process. Sibling and peer influence is very powerful. If you have peers that do risky things, you may feel inclined to do the same. Choose your friends wisely.

Lastly, the world is not always just! As the just-world phenomenon states, people want to believe that the world is just. However, the world is unpredictable as mentioned earlier. Anything can happen. Even nice guys get into trouble. Stay out of trouble!

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