Last Exam as an Undergraduate Student

Today, I will be writing my last exam as an undergraduate student at the University of Waterloo. I will be dressed in a suit, so I can impress some of those attractive classmates. Yes, I know it’s UW, but my last exam is for HRM 301 (Strategic Human Resources Management), an Arts course. Hence, attractive female counterparts do exist in that class and the usage of the word ’some’ can be justified. All jokes aside, when I leave from that last exam, I want to enter adulthood feeling and looking good. It will be symbolic of my transition from education to vocation. It has been 5 years of training. What have I learned? I have learned to learn.

So what’s next?

Vacation, unemployment, and continuous development.

Vacation: My parents have been waiting many years for the chance to bring their children to see Europe. Okay, my brother and I are no longer young children, but it has been our parents’ dream to experience Europe. In particular, it has been my mom’s dream since my dad would prefer to have more money in the bank account. We will be off for two weeks. It’ll be good to spend time with the family as I have not been home much this term.

Unemployment: I will be paying rent, beginning in May and as the months go by, I will be hurting financially. I have been working since I was 15 and have never had a full summer off since then. It’s about time that I finally get to feel what it’s like to be jobless. I’m not worried though; the economy is in recovery and I never get bored because of the next step.

Continuous Development: I will be discovering new knowledge, developing my skills, and improving my abilities. It’s never going to stop. I plan to take two remaining HR courses in the Fall and Winter to fulfill the CHRP requirements. Afterward, I plan to take music courses on production and private piano lessons. I have several business ideas, but those are for much, much later. First, I will be looking for a career in HR, specifically in recruitment. The job hunt will begin upon my return from vacation. As I search for an organization that fits well, I will be working out, going out, singing my lungs out, eating healthy (i.e. not out), and helping around the house, such as getting the dust out. It’s going to be interesting (like the previous sentence).

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