A New Beginning

One early Saturday morning, my cousin, UEC calls me and wakes me up to give me a motivational speech. He has been making music and selling albums throughout his teenaged years and he knew that I was into the music stuff. He tells me that Vlad, a producer and him are putting together a studio and that he would like me to sing some hooks for him. Now, I have my own budget audio equipment and I sing as a hobby, but he offered me a chance to sing in their studio, the Big Bang Booth. I honestly didn’t feel like my skill level was appropriate to make a decent track, but I love audio equipment and singing, so I agreed. Yesterday, I was invited to see the studio for the first time and when I walked in, they already got clients in the studio. When I saw Vlad work the DAW, I was excited and let me just say that the kid playing the guitar sounded really good. I also got a quick tour and chilled for a bit.

Today, I went back. This time, they got me singing a few lines and I needed autotune (haha!). I really liked the beat at first, but after so many takes, I was feeling tired. I think that the satisfaction comes when you hear the finished product though. It takes 10,000 hours of effort and experience to become an expert and now that I’m 23, it’s about time that I start putting in my hours. I wish that I started singing earlier, so that I could be better now, but since I can’t travel back in time, it’s time to catch up. I have got to thank UEC and Vlad for this opportunity, too.

Anyway, I’m so tired that I can’t really think of what to write anymore. I’m fighting a cold and have to get downtown to be at work by 8am tomorrow… Good night!

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