The Head Voice

I was looking into harmony processors and ran into the video below. In the video, Bjarne Langhoff not only demonstrates the use of the processor, but also demonstrates the chest voice and two modes of the head voice. Check it out:

1) Chest voice: “All that I am, I give it to…” and “Straight to the core”
He sings those lines in a neutral mode, so that it sounds a little breathy and the resonance remains in the chest.

2) Head voice (falsetto with compression): “you”
He sings “you” in a neutral mode, but with added compression so that it doesn’t sound breathy. Falsetto is breathy, so we can call it falsetto with compression. It’s a light head voice.

3) Head voice (full voice): “I got no cover”
When he sings this line, it is actually his head voice! This is called the full voice because it doesn’t sound breathy like falsetto. To achieve this sound, he’s using twang and directing air toward the soft palate. Notice how he drops his jaw, too.

And there you have it! This is a really good demonstration of the head voice.


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