Living by Standards

I have high standards, setting the bar very high. To clarify, I have high standards for others. I expect others to be honest, respectful, genuine, well dressed, and the list continues… Personally, I read personal development blogs and improve on everything that I possibly could to be the best that I can be. However, I have never applied the standards that I have for others to myself until recently, a good friend of mine, Stanley, wrote in a Facebook message, “…you have to hold yourself to that standard too.” I was shocked and impressed at the same time. I was shocked because I have never thought about applying the same standards that I have for others to myself! I’ve never tried to jump over that oh-so-very-high bar that I implicitly have others jump over (or sometimes run into or even go under). I was impressed because my friend mentioned it so casually without knowing that it has now changed my mindset.

So now, it’s my turn to approach the bar. If I lower the bar first, then I must lower the bar for everyone. Since this bar has been set for such a long time and many have already been challenged by it, it would be unfair to lower it just for myself. I have decided to keep the bar where it’s at… Now as I run toward the bar, I think to myself, “Will I make it?”

I sure hope so. If I don’t, I will try and try again. This is a lesson well learned. Thanks, Stan.

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