Chinese Character PuiWelcome! Please feel free to discover my world and the power of being. As I grow, I learn. As I learn, I share. As I share, I grow… And it cycles forever.

What is Puissance?

A good answer is located near the bottom at Wikipedia. It basically means power, might, or if you prefer, mighty Power Ranger. It is also my username for forums, gaming communities, and other online related things. I used to be Puisne, but I have evolved the name.

Derivation of Puissance

My first name is Mang Pui. Yes, it is unique. The meaning of Mang Pui (孟沛) in Chinese is literally eminent copious. My parents tell me that it’s plenty of energy or energetic. I searched a dictionary to find words beginning with ‘Pui’ and Puissance was one of them.
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What is this blog for?

I will be using this blog to share my interests and knowledge. This is where you will find content outside of my professional life. In addition, this blog will act as an autobiography for future generations to journey through my thoughts and experiences.

Want to know more?

Here’s a little something about me. I am a University of Waterloo graduate from the Arts & Business program, majoring in Psychology and specializing in Human Resources Management. I am also an aspiring entrepreneur. I have so many interests that I cannot list them, so read my blog and find out.
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