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Chhai and Puissance are going around reviewing phở. If you have recommendations, leave us a comment.

Restaurants visited:
Phở Bang New York (Montreal)
Phở XIC-LO (Windsor)
Phở Viet (Markham) – Chhai, the Phở King ordered the XL, ate all the phở, and drank all the broth.

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Phở Mi 99 (Mississauga [Hurontario Street])

April 13, 2007

Pho Cha Gio Bi Cuon

Comments by Chhai:
First of all I must of misheard Pui when he told me the name of the restaurant. I thought it was was called Phok Mi 69. So here I am thinking it is a ‘me roooooove you rrong time’ type of place capped with a bowl of pho at the end. I mean what can make a guy happier than a bowl a pho with a saigon wh**e? Okay I was a bit mislead but I actually really enjoyed the food.

Prior to going to the restaurant I was sick, and devastatingly hungry after two hours of walking around Square One. So by the time we got to the restaurant I was dying to scarf down a big bowl of pho. Well good thing I was at a Vietnamese restaurant because from my experience Asian restaurants are often about about speed of service, and not necessarily courteous service! As soon as we ordered our food, and I blinked our food was already on the table. It was magic! It was like Samantha from Bewitched was working there, wiggled her nose, and our food appeared. So being really hungry I was happy with the speed of service.

The pho itself was slightly above average. There was nothing special or unique that stood out to me. It comes with the Thai basil and bean sprouts on the side where you have to add them to your pho. I loaded it up with hotsauce as I always do to make my broth like the Red Sea. Okay, how come majority of pho restaurants do not have sugar on the table? Do they not know how to eat pho? I mean you have to put sugar on the table so crazy folks like me get to add it as a condiment. Out of all the pho restaurants I’ve been at only a few have sugar on the table! Bleah. Anyways back to the pho. It was decent, and I was satiated. My senses were dull but I was really hungry too! So those two factors may have balanced each other out for me to be satisfied. In short I recommend this restaurant because of fast service, price, quality of food, and cleanliness. Check it out there’s a few restaurants under the same banner in the Greater Toronto Area.

Comments by Puissance:
Check this line, it’s Pho Mi 99! We were seated instantly, we ordered, went to wash our hands, and the food was ready. If you’re hungry, don’t worry; you’ll be served quickly. When I saw the bean sprouts, I knew that all the ingredients were fresh. Look at the picture and see for yourself. Each person received one plate of additives, which included bean sprouts, basil, and a piece of lime. The pho broth was delicious and flavoured nicely. The noodles were boiled to a good texture and was served hot. There wasn’t enough meat in my bowl of pho and I ordered a medium, but it was still good. The restaurant was clean and openly spaced. The service was quick, but there wasn’t much interaction like most asian places. A bowl of medium sized pho is only $5.00 CAD and it’s an amazing deal for the quality that you get. There’s excellent food with an excellent value, so you should dine at Pho Mi 99!

Phở XIC-LO (Windsor)

Comments by Puissance: Yo, it’s Pho XIC-LO! The broth has a distinct taste and is not similar to other pho places. However, it’s still a good taste. The noodles are average with added hardness. The meat was plentiful and delicious coupled with just enough garnishes. As for the décor, the outside looks ghetto, but inside, you’ll see a clean restaurant with an open kitchen. The lady who worked there was very friendly and said “thanks” to us many times. And for the price, we got reimbursed, so I don’t remember. Overall, for the average pho eater, you can’t say no to the Pho XIC-LO!

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